I have a new podcast because who doesn't have a new podcast?
This startup marketing advice is a complete waste of timeListen now (10 min) | Whatever you do please don’t waste your time listening to this episode. Unless you want to learn about several marketing-related…
When Investors Say “It’s too early”Listen now (7 min) | When you’re an early-stage startup, and especially a first-time founder, there’s going to be one saying you’ll hear more than…
The Investor Presentation ShuffleListen now (10 min) | They say PowerPoint is a tool for people with no power who are struggling to make a point.
Failure to LaunchListen now (8 min) | It is perhaps fitting to launch this podcast with a rant about…launching. Or more specifically failing to launch.
Show IntroductionListen now (2 min) | An introduction on what to expect from Percival’s Startup Rants. A solo podcast for first-time founders ranting on startups…
The Market DownturnListen now (8 min) | Yup, we're in a market downturn. What to do? What to do?
Co-founder DramaListen now (8 min) | What should you do when you hate your co-founder?
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